How to Style Sneakers for Spring

Hit the ground running...

By Rachel Esco, Hannah Rogers |


When we think of sneakers, the word “chic” usually isn’t the first thought to come to mind. Known as a sporty girl’s go-to shoe, they usually give off a relaxed and laidback energy versus a vogue vibe. But who says a pair of sneakers can’t look trendy? Plus, with spring around the corner and being notorious for its mixed weather (some days sunny, other days stormy), sneakers really are a necessary type of footwear to have around. Here’s how to elevate your sneakers so you look ready to hit the ground running when it comes to spring style…

Casual Day Dresses

Give your sneakers some feminine flair by wearing them with a casual day dress or flowy skirt. Any simple style goes, including relaxed maxi dresses, midi skirts, or figure-hugging, cotton jersey frocks. Go for a crisp cream or white sneaker for this look, making them pop against your outfit. Throw on a varsity style bomber or a trendy baseball cap to retain the sports theme of the ensemble.

Figure-Flattering Leggings

Make your sneakers a little bit sexy with some curve-loving leggings. Both comfortable and flattering, they will celebrate your bod while also letting you rock your runners. If you choose leggings that are black, this gives you more room for creativity with your sneakers. Go for a fluorescent color like mint, fuchsia, or this season’s hottest color: rose gold! A lace-free slip-on style will make you look more trendy instead of just on your way to the gym. Wear them with a cute and simple v-neck or off-the-shoulder tee, open hoodie, and high ponytail.

Sporty Minis

Love flashing some leg? Don't let your sneakers stop you. In fact, sneakers are a great way to keep a mini-skirt looking understated and relaxed. You can choose mini-skirts with an athletic feel, such as mesh or cotton versions with pockets, or choose a longer pencil skirt for a chic take on workwear. Remember to wear thin footie socks so they don't show and detract from your outfit. Grab an oversized hobo bag and pair of sunnies and you’ll be ready for wherever the day takes you.

Fitted Jeans

For the lady who lives in jeans, sneakers are a perfect match. But if you want the look to be more fashionable and in-style, you can't be throwing on your most low-maintenance, bloaty-day pair of jeans. You need to pull out a sleek pair of tight straight-leg or skinny jeans that stop slightly above the ankle. This cropped cut is not only flattering and perfect for springtime, but it lets you show off those stylish sneakers. For some added edge, choose a distressed pair of denim and a sneaker in a funky print like sassy snakeskin or leopard.

Sneakers don't have to mean opting out of looking chic. By coordinating the right pieces together, you can rock those runners all spring long.